My Music Video is HERE!!! (11-2-18) 


I really can't believe I did this. I'm still somewhat in shock, but I put together a whole FREAKING MUSIC VIDEO! It is to my original song called "Bigger Person" and you can watch by clicking HERE

There I am, in a garage, rocking out to my song :D. It was such a blast to put this together, but also a TON of work. None of this would have been possible without Stuart Ruston, the incredible director. He spent countless hours planning with me what we wanted this video to look like, and then even more hours after editing the video to make sure it looked AMAZING. I also had so many wonderful friends and family who spent a whole weekend in July (two 10 hour days) helping out on and off set.

I didn't realize just how many humans it takes to put something like this together, but it is for sure a joint effort and I loved every minute of it. I'm honestly already starting to brainstorm ideas for what kind of music video I would do for my other songs.

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